Lack of Serice

I contacted JK Harris to help me resolve an old tax debt in February of 2009. They gave my case to a local representative by the name of Randall E. Franzen. I met with Mr. Franzen on 2/18/09. I told him that the IRS has put a levy against my paycheck and bank account, (approximately 65% of my net income was garnished), which only left me with about $500 per month to live on. After going over my expenses Mr. Franzen said, his company could remove the levy against my paycheck and get me debt reduced. He said the cost would be $3200, which included a $350 deposit. I told Mr. Franzen I do not have any money with the IRS taking so much money from me.

Mr. Franzen said he would draw up the contract and start the process, with the first payment due on March 18th 2009. This will give his company more than enough time to get the levy released in order for me to start payments. I agreed and signed the contract. 1 week past nothing was done. I called week after week finally, I spoke to an account rep named Linda Hinn. She told me that my account has been filed and my levy release should take place soon. I informed her that I was getting late on all my bills so please hurry. She said she would. Another month past then another. I called to try to get in contact with Ms. Hinn all I got was her voice mail.

AR-121019617 (1)The accounts billing department of JK Harris started calling me every week asking for money. When I told them about my situation I was told that was not their department's responsibility to work cases only to collect money, also that they do not have contact with other departments. I find it hard to believe that a company’s business is communication, their departments do not communicate with each other. I became homeless waiting on JK Harris to do what they said they were going to do. Finally, I called the IRS and explained that I became homeless, they released the levy, and I agreed to pay $77 per month. I called JK Harris to see if they could get the amount I owe reduced. I was told yes. I started sending $150 per month after 3 months still nothing had been done. I informed JK Harris that I refuse to send any more money until something is done. The billing department is still sending me payment notices. Billing is the only department at JK Harris that seems to do their job.

I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau on 9/21/2009. J K Harris’ response was the following:

JKH deeply regrets any lack of communication on our part regarding Mr. Williams' case. I have forwarded notification to the supervisor and vice president of that area to make them aware of the situation and take immediate steps to reach out to Mr. Williams and try to resolve whatever concerns that he has.

I was contacted by another representative during the 1st week of October who said my case was transferred and she would prepare an offer and compromise and send it me to sign within a week. I agreed and said I would start making payments after I see some written documents because my lack of trust in J K Harris. As of this date, I have received no such correspondence aftera month. The billing department is still working as hard as ever to collect funds although J K Harris has done nothing it has promised.


I asked for a return of the funds in which I paid to JK Harris but they refused. JK Harris said they were going to keep all funds for filing and legal fees. I feel JK Harris should be sued to the point they are forced out of business

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