How NOT to run a tax representation firm

John K. Harris founded JK Harris & Company in 1997. After six months, the company launched 450 sales offices and eight regional operations centers over the following three years. In 2001 these eight regional centers were consolidated and located in North Charleston, South Carolina and in 2009; JK Harris & Company moved its corporate office and operations to Goose Creek, South Carolina.

What began as a thriving, successful enterprise soon ended up as a failure brought about by misleading business practices, deceptive advertising, and lawsuits.

According to, the firm was flooded for years by customer complaints. As a result of this and assorted legal issues, the firm in 2011 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, sent its employees home and prepared to liquidate its assets. On January 10, 2012, the business was closed.

As if this was not bad enough, J.K. Harris personally was arrested in March, 2012 for contempt of court for failure to obey a court order in an unrelated case which pre-dated the bankruptcy.

Many taxpayers rely on tax representation firms to guide them through the maze of IRS tax rules, regulations, penalty structures and other problems which they face. JK Harris & Company was founded, supposedly, to provide such a service.

Facing tax problems with the IRS can be scary. Even scarier is the knowledge that there are tax firms out there who are willing to take this fear and exploit it in order to scam the taxpayers out of their resources. Every successful resolution of an IRS tax problem case starts with building the proper foundation. The proper foundation is filled with many little things that must be done absolutely correctly. That is why the tax attorney or tax resolution firm you hire to deal with the IRS must have a team and systems in place to ensure that all the little things, like current compliance, investigation paperwork, proper filings, financial analysis and communication with the IRS are performed meticulously and are expertly documented.

Yes, there are tax representation firms out there like JK Harris & Company who will take short-cuts and try to scam the taxpayer out of their hard-earned money. We at Parent, Parent and Wynn LLP, the IRS Medic, pride ourselves on having the right foundation when it comes to the “many little things that must be done correctly”. Even more important to us though, is not a little thing but a couple of big things: Honesty and Integrity.

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